Hag Pesah Sameach!

My very dearly beloved Prayer Partners,

After starting this year with a number of health issues, such as my lower back which has troubled me tremendously, I now feel strong enough for my next mission trip. Next week I will depart for nine weeks of ministry in Germany, Romania, Moldova and Israel. I am looking forward to my first ministry in Germany since 2006. This time it will be in Munich, where I haven’t been since 1980. I am praying for a blessed ministry. From Munich I am flying to Bucharest where the Messianic Congregation "Beit Hasdo" and the Church from Puieni are waiting for me. The believers there are quite happy for me to spend six weeks with them. On the Sabbath I will be with the Messianic Congregation and on SONdays with the Church of Puieni. I am looking forward to spending with them the two great Spring Feasts – the Passover and Shavuot ((Pentecost). Pray with us that many more Jewish and Gentile people will be touched by the Good News. Pray for Mandy, a 98 year old Jewish man, and for his wife Hilda to come forward and accept their Saviour. Pray with us that we be able to build a new Church building in Puieni.

As I am writing this letter we found out that Bibi has slightly won the election in Israel. I pray that HIS WILL would be done and for Bibi to be the right Leader for Israel in the years to come; especially now when we all know that many things may happen. Let's pray and hope that Bibi Netanyahu will be able to put together a strong new coalition to lead the Israelis for the next four years.

As we approach the most holy of the Biblical Feasts, The Feast of the Passover and the Feast of Resurrection, I wish you all a Happy Passover and a Happy Resurrection. We need to remember that during this season (as a matter of fact, all year round) we are to celebrate Yeshua, our Messiah, our King and Redeemer.

Theo Smilovici

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