2017 Ministry Update

Dearly Beloved Citizens of GOD’S KINGDOM,

Since I always consider you as Citizens of God’s Kingdom to come, I also have to remind you and myself that HIS Kingdom starts now – beginning in our hearts.

This past December of 2017, we had the greatest surprise of all when President Donald Trump declared that the USA acknowledged Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and the Jewish people, making all efforts necessary to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. I do not know how much of a surprise this announcement was for you, but for me this was life. Finally, the US took its role as the world leader very seriously and I know we will see many more changes in the years to come. Pray for President Donald Trump. I say all of this because I do believe everything that happens is in God’s timing. This brought an uprising in some Arab countries and surely from the Palestinians, too. Jerusalem, who is the center of God’s eyes, is now in turmoil. This kind of a picture shows us that we surely belong to the World to come. Come, O Lord Jesus! Do not forget the Scriptures teach us to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. I say this to mean: Pray that the Prince of Peace will enter the hearts of all Jerusalemites - Israelis and Arabs.

I write this letter with a thankful heart. Last year passed so quickly - its problems and its victories. We thank the Lord for you and for your support in the ministry of JOY (“Jesus of Israel”) which has given us the possibility to fulfill the task HE has called us to.

We cannot work separately; we are bound together in this work for His Kingdom to come. Thank you for being sensitive to the call of God and supporting us in prayers, as well as financially. Because of people like you the work was able to go on for another year. Financially speaking, 2017 was a year that we have received the least support in the last 20 years. The month of January 2017 started off very well, but later the support became less and less. Some of our supporters are now in His presence, and some have had their own problems. It is clear to us that we do need new supporters. Despite the fact that we were low in income, we have still managed to make it by His mercies and His Grace. Praise Him that you have been sensitive to His call and together we made it. Thank you again for being obedient to God’s call last year.

One of the greatest accomplishments of 2017 was in the summer when we were able to finish the first stage of the new Sanctuary for the Church in Puieni. We were able to put in all the foundations, the outside wall and the roof - all is done. For this year we would like to see the rest of the building being raised up, and if we have enough finances raised, to start work on the interior.

We have started this year with a Conference about the Kingdom of God at the Messianic Congregation Beit Hasdo in Bucharest. Two great Messianic believers came from Israel for this special purpose. It took long preparations for the conference to take place, but we are pleased to share that the Conference was well attended and a great success. Praise the Lord!!!

Together with you, working for HIS Glory,

Theophilus Ben-Abraham Smilovici

Theo Smilovici

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